soggy noodles

i overheard a conversation yesterday about how fresh graduates these days place great emphasis on how much they earn from a job (in monetary terms), not how much they actually gain from it (in terms of training and exposure). and it is saddeningly true that this is the case these days - with college applicants to bank managers (yes, even them) taking courses in nursing to be caretakers and nurses abroad. it used to be IT, back in the glory days of the dot-com boom. then came call center careers. now we have these caretakers and nurses in demand. we're even seeing industries designed _specifically_ for these careers. amazing.

it's really depressing, thinking just how low peoples' aspirations have become. can we truly quantify happiness with salary/pay? i think not.

hmm. it looks like Blogger fixed the comments tagging for mailed blogs, though the forced line feeds are still present.

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