$14 Steadycam

i wonder if i could find someone who'd love to make one of these for me?

why do i need one? well, i'm going into amateur video production sometime soon, and optical video stabilization is superior to digital (not to mention that only the newer cameras have the digital one built-in, and i may not have that much money to blow for a camera).

by the way, my apologies for basically posting links all over my blog of late - haven't had time to sip some coffee and comtemplate about life and its intricacies...

introducing.. the Honda Jazz

this is one cute car!

as it's selling in the range of P 550k - 690k, i guess i'll have to save up a lot more pennies everyday for that... heheh. =)

See What You Share on P2P

oh no... look at what the military's sharing out via p2p...

Nintendo DS

neat gaming device!

i wonder how it will fare with Sony's PSP?


Interactive Eye Tests

think you have vision problems? do check out the few tests offered here.

as always, don't take these tests as a final word on your eye condition. a trip to the local eye specialist is always recommended. =)

worst driving experience

last night was probably my worst drive home yet.

can you imagine streets full of cars all going nowhere, stuck in traffic, only moving for every 10 or so minutes? well, i was in that sort of traffic last night.

and look at all the commuters who just decided to walk instead... (sorry if it was blurry - forgot to stash my digicam with me, so i had to use my phone instead)

at least my drive home wasn't as bad as my parents. my usual travel time of 1 1/4 hours was bloated to 4 hours. my parents, on the other hand, had a bloated travel time of 6 hours... considering that the usual would be around 45 minutes!

i confirmed something last nite as well - wherever there's heavy traffic, there's bound to be those trekkers selling all sorts of goodies to the drivers everywhere, from cigarettes to peanuts to candies to water.

oh man. i hope that doesn't happen again. ever.


Small Cameras, Big Pictures

size doesn't always matter, it seems, in the digital video world.

which is all and good for me, since i'm in the process of saving up for a digital video camera for amateur work. =)

conversations with the Indian man

today i felt pretty good about my voice changing abilities... let me now introduce you to Mr. Sati Ravichandra...

heheh. actually i just used that name, and talked in the Indian accent most of us know very well to fool a co-worker of mine today, and i guess i sounded pretty authentic - he sure got fooled! =)


useless stuff about your life...

for all sorts of nonsense that would definitely enrich your life, check this site out. heheh.

okay, okay. i'm bored. sorry! =P


want to use a really good SoundFont?

for the SB Live!/Audigy owners out there, give GeneralUser GS a try for your MIDI playing needs. i'm sure it won't disappoint... =)


i hate wounded hearts...

... especially if one of those wounded hearts is mine....

update (21:30) i'm okay now! =)


chip your kids, keep them safe?

Japan has come with a wonderfully-unique way to use RFID... does this mean that in the future all our movements would be tracked by Big Brother?


etiquette lessons... sort of

wow. read this wonderful book (scanned in full) on "How to make friends by Telephone". cool. =)

online courses anyone?

i think i'm going to put some online learning into my schedule for the next couple of weeks... heheh. =)

more about online learning is discussed on a /. link here.


last-minute birthday greetings

before the clock hits 12mn, i just want to greet (the 2nd time for the day) my good friend and cyber-sis Lynne a happy, happy birthday! =)

i'll send u the cake next year, sis... =P


The Mystery of Britney's Breasts

you will never look at this lady the same way again after watching this super cool Flash documentary...

or not. =)


bloopers and blunders on the big screen

you'll never watch movies the same way again after visiting moviemistakes.com, a site that pretty much documents every single mistake there is in films or TV shows.

take Spiderman 2 - they've found 33 mistakes so far. =)


Evaluating Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC2

waiting for the time when Windows XP SP2 will finally be offered for everyone? and waiting to see just how good (or bad) it actually will be for your system?

take a look at this article, which details how big a deal the service pack is actually gearing up to be. i wonder why Microsoft never made their software a bit more security-oriented from the get go, only now submitting itself to consumer pressure?

... what?? you're still on vanilla Windows XP?! well, go update yourself already! you have no idea how grave a risk you're putting your computer in as it is!

(psst... you "lost" your activation key? oh, just go search for it online - it's not going to be that hard to find. heheh.)

transitions galore!

if you're an amateur video editing hobbyist like me and want to have more transitions to use without breaking the bank, take a look at Burger's Transition Site. check out the Firestorm effect he cooked up - wicked!


stopping the leaks

if you've ever looked around the black market for movies (which is admittedly, pretty much everywhere here), chances are you've found yourself viewing a "screener" copy, meaning it was only meant for viewing of intended individuals, like say, the members of a movie awards panel, such as the Academy Awards.

since last year's attempt (not to distribute to voters at all) proved to be an embarrassing idea, organisers have found a way to hopefully solve their problem: specially-encrypted DVDs. oh, and special DVD players to boot too.

read the full story here. (via /.).

i'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

man! after being waylaid in bed for pretty much the past, er, (counts fingers) 5 days due to an unexplainable rash that i have all over me (which i still have, unfortunately), i'm finally able to get back to some semblance of normal living, on the computer, blogging as much as i want to, and getting around the house anytime i wanted to.

it was fun being serviced by everyone if i wanted water, or food, or a change of clothes, or whatever, and not to be expected to do stuff like, wash the plates, clean my room, or fix some house appliance, not to mention i didnt have to go to work for a few days, but i guess that was part of being sick.


come to think of it, i think i liked being sick more. heheheh.