slow movements

what has happened so far to my day? hardly anything tech-related, to be sure.

i just remembered that a really good friend of mine way back in HS (who i incidentally got connected back with via Friendster) should be back from China by last Friday. i wonder how i'll get back in touch with her? i doubt she has internet access immediately, so i guess until she does get back online, i'll probably have to hope that she reaches out first. sucks.

hmm... what is all the excitement about the beta version of Yahoo! Messenger? i mean, much as i can see the fun with having these avatars and games and stuff, i'd rather have just one IM software running around on my workstation than have an odd number installed. okay, so maybe Trillian can't offer the same full functionality of these IM independent software, but there are only so many features i'd love to have that Trillian can't offer me now:

- SMS login (for Yahoo! Messenger) and SMS sending (Y!M, ICQ)

come to think of it, that's all i need that i can't have right now.

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