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geeks rejoice!

now i can start losing all the weight i want to! *grins*


Saving the Browser

i thought that this might be interesting to those following the Eolas patent case. it interests me, since HTML may very well change with this case if nothing is done to stop it.

i got to be more careful with my blogs...

eclecticism > Even Microsoft wants G5s - and now the blogger needs to find a new job.



back from hiber-nation

hmm. this update is long overdue. i've been meaning to post since last tuesday, but everytime i thought of it, the sloth monster just ran up to me and said, "hey, why don't you make that post later?"

and, being the nut that i am, obliged. all the time.

anyway, now that i've finally loaded up the blogger page, i guess i can finally sit down, have a glass of water (well, maybe not, since i can't find my mug), and work on this update.

i got the car re-aligned (covered under its most recent repair warranty) yesterday, and while there's stil a bit of drift on the wheel, it's not as bad as it was before, when i could actually turn a soft corner by just letting go of the steering wheel. and i also washed the car and decided to wax it - now it looks mighty clean! =) hopefully i'll be able to maintain that look... should get an electric buffer if i want to be able to wax the car easily though. oh, and there's also the matter of cleaning up the area under the wheel tonight... shouldn't take much time later.

hmm... i wonder how much a good strut bar is going for? i think that the car might just love to have one of those at the front... with the way i drive. heheheheh.

this is nutty - the PS2 is deciding to go fritzy on me again. now how the heck am i going to play my DDR?

hmm... have to stop this for now - gotta go help out with the rest of the world's problems. heheh. (read: my unfinished chores)


recruitment: day one

things went rather smoothly this morning as our choir went about its first day into "push recruiting" members by sending out fliers all around. we have one respondent already! =)

i took the liberty of taking my CliƩ apart today to fix the LCD problem i had a few days ago. and i also decided to try to repair the MS problem the device has been having, which has been causing me drained batteries of late. so far, so good...

hmm... nothing else in mind right now... maybe in a bit.

WLO: January/February 2000: Six degrees of separation

could this be the main reason behind all that appeal surrounding Friendster? maybe as human beings, we all desire to be able to see just how connected we are to the rest of the world, hence giving ourselves a bigger "meaning" for existence. hence we find ourselves closer (or the feeling of which) to finding out the true meaning of life...


Yahoo! News - Images Show a Snub Really Is Like Kick in the Gut


now the next time someone decides to snub me for something, i'll offer that person to kick me instead. =P

bored out of my head

i should be getting ready to go to Church, but for some reason, i'm still in front of our TV, composing this blog (thanks to the BB Unit my brother got for the PS2 - can't find any nice ENGLISH links for it right now). i still have to take a bath, eat breakfast and wash the car - all in time for 9am, our call time.

i am such a nut. n_n

*stretches* anyway, today President George W. Bush is due for an 8-hour visit in the country. let's hope nothing foul runs astray into this grand setup of things. i, for one, am confident that this visit will bring about more good than bad for everyone concerned.


looking back

i was looking through my own archives just now, and i realised how long it's been since i started blogging, many thanks to sacha. =)

looking at my first post, i guess this means that i'll be "celebrating" my 7th month blogging on the coming 23rd of the month. heheh...

my mind is idling... can't wait to idle and doodle some more on my blog tonight...

googling through Friendster

just to pass the time, i'm browsing through the "cloud" of people that i'm connected to on Friendster. if you haven't bothered signing up yet, i'd have to wonder why not.

but then again, not everyone has the time to link up to people online - most would just link up with others on a more personal level.



in a blink of an eye

just like that, my weekend just whizzed past me. i wish it wouldn't do that too often...

that isn't to say that i didn't get to achieve some nice things though...

1- signed up with Friendster, via an invitation from sacha. it's very reminiscent of since-changed sixdegrees, with so much less of the clutter that it used to have. hmm. i wonder if their service improved over the years...
2- amazing what the telco industry has done. i get to meet someone i've been curious about since my college years via email/ICQ, maintain it for a period of time, and with a flick of the Call button on my mobile phone, i set up a short (~ 5 minutes) meet with her in Ateneo. can't wait to get to meet her again for a more extended period of time.
3- coaxed my brother to buy pizza today (bacon cheeseburger, cheese-stuffed crust - mmm!), and i'm hoping that he'll be coaxable next time when i have those urges. =)
4- washed the car today, and i think i might have scratched the car up AGAIN. darn. speaking of the car, i have my Snoopy stuffed toy (the huge one i got from Watsons) as my regular passenger, plus my iRiver SlimX, connected to the car stereo via a locally-purchased converter (power and tape deck).
5- i'm still trying out (in vain) the PS2 exploit which should allow a user to run code from the memory card - i'm just playing around with the idea, but so far i haven't gotten ANYTHING to work. =P
6- it's - HOLY CRAP - 12a, and i have to go sleep now. =P


English - Filipino dictionary!

wow! i had no ideas such words existed!
finally set up an email address on Yahoo - will be using that for emailing via my mobile phone (over WAP/GPRS).

speaking of Yahoo, i just noticed that i can't use YM over WAP anymore. strange.

i'm wondering where i can host pictures online for my blog... i'd love to pepper my blogs w/ picures someday.

tomorrow i go through personal evaluation to see where exactly in MIS i fit. hoping for the best...
i finally get to drive our car out for work starting tomorrow - i'm not totally excited though... i wonder if it would mean more freedom or more burden for me, as now my parents will be more expectant of me to get home early.

i've set up my Yahoo! Mail, just so i can have e-mail access via my mobile phone. hopefully this would be something useful for me later on as i go along with things.

i was cleaning up some of my sister's recordings here last Saturday for a presentatinon, but i'm so sleepy i don't mind having to work on it tomorrow...

i really wish i could drive the other one though... more wishful thinking on my part...


now that sacha seems to have let up with our e-mail exchanges for the meantime, i'll get back to posting what i had in mind to post.

we had Ed Manguiat of the Singing Ambassadors with us last night, and he was just amazing. we've known quite a few of the theories he mentioned to us, but we never really were able to found a way to actually get those theories to work - and that's where he really has helped so far. amazing how much change i heard last night, with only a few vocalisation exercises... it's looking like he's really excited to help us out too... must be because he's a friend of our choirmate's mom/aunt... =)

i'm in the hunt for a PS2 Linux distro - hopefully i'll be able to get a copy for use with ours, since my brother just got an HDD+NIC.

btw, i have a bone to pick with the Burger King branch over at Marcos Highway - apparently their staff can't manage with bulk orders the size of our choir (we're talking about 15 people here) over the counter. talk about insane. they take our orders, we get meals that are either ordered, but not punched, or punched, but wasn't actually ordered. cool. =
*sigh* i'm watching Game 2 of the Ateneo - FEU match, and i'm really feeling the possibility of loss... ah well... still hoping for the best though...



sitting beside a dog and a cat...

i'm right here beside Hello Kitty and Snoopy - at least that's what they think they are. =P

sacha just gave me even more headaches with that sort problem i gave her - i guess i ought to up the ante and find some other problem for her to sort out. she DID have a point with the efficiency problem...

a funny thing with the light pointed at our altar by the hallway - every so often it just turns on by itself. why or how it happens is beyond me. thankfully it did that this time when we have more people around...

... and i think these two pets are slowly showing effects of sleep deprivation. i ought to scuttle them off to sleep soon... eh, the sooner they tire, the better. =)