i guess the hey-days of blogging via WAP was doomed to be short-lived.

Globe has decided to block off my access to that gateway, so i guess i'm stuck to blogging the usual way again. either that or i let myself get slapped a fee for every Kb i transmit. i should try that out sometime. who knows, maybe it doesn't need to transmit that much data after all.

i wonder if asking them nicely would do any good...


i had my mom get of one of those baby socks being sold by those sidewalk vendors for use with my T610 - i think it has some scratches already, and i'm not too happy with that.

i can't seem to receive MMS with this thing. maybe i got a setting made up incorrectly. a call to Globe ought to be in order.


damn, i left my wallet at home. good thing it isn't too hard to borrow small amounts of money from people here, though to be sure, i went straight to my cousin. n_n


i'm not going to get used to the charging habits i'm going to have to practice with this phone. halfway through the day and my battery's already down to 50 percent! i'm not even browsing that much anymore-i even took out vibrating alerts.

ah well. at least it's still a change. =)
i reviewed my posts last night and found out that, due to connection issues encountered with GPRS, i had multiple entries of one post sometimes. that's a minor point to deal with.

i'm a bit worried right now, with my WAP-browsing frequency. if my carrier decides to start charging for this, it WILL hurt.


what a night! those guys were just BRILLIANT! and Moxie gets to date one of the boys-i believe she's dating Robby. i do hope that other Monica (the girl who took her contact info for that date thing she won at) follows up with her on that.

this came at a price, however. my sister and i got home past 1p already, which is quite a bit of a stretch here at home.


no wonder our seats are this good, this effortlessly... these are GenTXT-reserved seats! eh, not MY concern. heheh. =P
... and we're in! and we got a good place too-front and side. (if you've been to the Forum, you'll know what i mean) my lungs are going to get clogged with stale cigarette smoke pretty soon though. let's hope this is worth all the hassle and effort. greets in out to my buddies here with me now-mox, joyce, mira, andre, jano, and myself. *grins*
i'm at the Forum right now, standing in line, getting ready to watch the Akafellas,an acapella singing group. this is the first time i'm going out on an engagement like this this late into the night. not to mention actually spending quite a bit to watch a singing group. this is going to be cool! more later... =)


lo, and behold!
there has been improvements and updates since my last post:

for one thing, the template i'm using has been changed - subjected to editing, of course.

i've also decided to get the T610, as i was lucky enough to find someone selling it for just P16.5k - and that's where i composed this post. cool, isn't it??


to get a T610 or not to get a T610... that is the question.


right now i'm thinking of this short-lived (?) telenovela that aired on ABC 5 a long while back, when i was still in grade/high school i think - Criselda...

now if anyone can remember the lead actress's name, please drop me a note...


i'm bored. and i've been really terrible with keeping updated with posts.

but what significant thing has happened to me of late? hmm... these days my mobile phone is slowly showing more and more signs of wear and tear. i'm getting irritated, and am slowly becoming more and more tempted to replace it the moment that my unit becomes too unbearable to use. i'm thinking of getting a T610 next...

why am i jumping the Nokia bandwagon? i feel that their prices are bloating up so much simply because of the brand. and i don't want to pay for an additional premium of a brand name. this is debatable, however, depending on what other features i find that are in a former replacement unit of choice, the Nokia 7650 that can't be found in that unit. eh, whatever. it HOPEFULLY won't be an issue for the next 6 months... =)

i better have something up tomorrow... i'm really slow of late... =(


i can't believe i've been disconnected for THIS long!

not to mention that i wasn't able to post for so long already... will make it up to everyone in the coming days. =)