PSP Firmware 2.0 to 1.50 Downgrader!

as most of the PSP owners who care about homebrew by now, this will allow users to downgrade from the more feature-laden firmware v2.0 to a less laden one, but will now allow execution of homebrew applications (such as emulators, productivity apps, etc.)

now i can convince anyone to get PSPs, without fearing that they will not be able to benefit from the huge homebrew scene that's waiting for them! and people who have always wanted to try out the features in v2.0, here's your chance to do so without fear of not being able to go back to homebrew!

happy days!


current plans laid out for my life

as far as my blog is concerned, i'm currently considering junking the hardly-used guestbook feature i have on my blog, especially since all i'm getting there are spam posts. not sure if i should use a different service or just drop it altogether. i'm also thinking of finding a better tagboard service i could use - this one seems too plain and basic to serve my purpose. of course, all this is part of my grand plan to revise my blog for categorization and what-nots.

as far as my real life is concerned, well, i'm considering joining the National Novel Writing Month, depending on whether i actually have the guts to try this out. i will have a little over a month to consider (the whole event starts November, but sign-ups begin on October) this option, so who knows. i'm being offered to write game reviews for a major daily as well, but i can't quite comment on it yet since details are sparse as of now. as time permits, i am also going to try to re-continue my efforts of rearranging Moulin Rouge's Come What May for choral use - ambitious considering i've only been able to successfully write one song in my entire lifetime, and that took me about a month or so.

i also have this habit of making plans ahead of myself, only to crash and burn once they're set in place. maybe i can keep myself from crashing this time around. heheh. wish me luck!


more food-related blogs to look through

gotta remember to look through ajay's writings on the wall and munchin' in manila.

and i really have to start with the blog categorisation. and learning how to cook.


cool window clutter control programs

if you have windows that you just don't need to see in your taskbar (like an older version of Windows Media Player), check out TrayIt! - i'm already including it in my list of must-have programs.

or if you want the windows on your desktop to have that snap-to-edge-or-to-whatever feel, allSnap is the solution to that.

there will surely be so much more apps that you can use to do things you never thought would greatly control your window clutter, and i'll post back as i find some more.


blogging categorization

i've looked and looked and looked at my blog from every possible angle i could put it, and i've come to the conclusion that i need to create some form of categorization to better refine my posts.

i'm taking a much different approach compared to using del.icio.us or whatever hacks that is available though - i'll be using the power of completely new blogs linked together to this one page to make my categorization. goodness knows how long that will take though.

however, i do have a few "categories" in mind already as we speak:
- creative stuff: compositions (yeah right), prose, poetry, photography, etc.
- tech stuff: anything tech-related, like computers, consoles, handhelds, mobile phones, etc.
- "specialized" stuff: i'm already thinking of posting up traffic violators that i see on the road, like a Hall-of-Shame, if you will.

and i foresee a rehash of my blog's name once more in the coming days. "voided illusions" won't really capture what i intend to keep in it (personal posts). i dunno - i'd still need to find something catchy to match the "optics" theme. i wonder if i should go look for some web designing help too.

anyway... plans, plans, plans.


invites galore!

i haven't even touched my 50 GMail invites, when i noticed that, lo and behold, the invites have increased twofold!

as if looking for 50 people who _don't_ have GMail yet wasn't hard enough already!


Podcast like a Pro!

as the title suggests, i found myself on a site that talked about how to improve podcast quality, and since i started listening to podcasts (the very first one here - check them out!), i figured the advice could come really handy.

check out the link (and the rest of the parts - there are 6 of them all in all) here.

happy podcasting!