now THAT was one heck of a time stamp! ^_^
i've done some editing on my blog - i got a commenting service up for it now, so IF only more people were to read my blogs, maybe they'd be able to leave notes and stuff. plus this new interface off Blogger is cool!

we didn't have electricity last night, owing to a busted meter base... not that we minded the power loss. what really ticked us all off was the slow service of Meralco in getting their service people over here to take a look-see. we got back electricity at home past 1p today!... pfft.

i can't wait to get to read the Order of the Phoenix! every p2p network out there must have it around by now, but i wonder when i'll get around to landing my paws on a copy... hopefully soon enough.

my worst night so far has been last Tuesday - imagine, having to sleep at 345a of the following day! that was probably due to the video editing task i had to work on... but i can't shake off the feeling that this someone at work made me lose sleep too - i don't want to go into detail, but i really think that it's rude of her to do whatever she keeps doing to me. as i have said before, and she calls herself a Christian. hmph.

hmm... i can't believe i survived work yesterday with that little sleep. in fact, i can't believe i'm still awake right now...



post-EB reflection:
meeting Gianna made me realise that i have kept myself inside a shell (well, for the most part anyway) ever since i started working...

finding time to meet someone over in Manila (when i live way yonder here in Marikina) also made me realise that, if i really want to make time for other things in life, i'll be able to make the time for it. it isn't a question of IF i have time to do things; it's a question of whether i WANT to have time for other things.

*yawn* i am so sleepy... i ought to be doing some video editing right now, but something inside my head (the stress most likely) is telling me to just hit the hay and sleep...

hmm, maybe i'll just give myself about 30mins for it...


can't sleep... meeting Gianna for the first time, and my body is instinctively breaking out in a state of sleeplessness due to the anxiety/excitement/thrill of the whole notion of meeting her.

... it's so great to be in this state again...

okay, back to the bed now - i don't have my glasses, and i'm having a hard time touch-typing this document, all the while squinting at the monitor to check if i've typed out my post well.


just saw this really cool "Sixth Sense"-ish movie - but i'm telling you, it's more than that... i really wish it were that easy to get a copy of this movie here though...

i couldn't get in touch with Gianna tonight - apparently she went off to sleep early. anyway, there's always tomorrow. funny how one night of not getting to talk with her sort of made me feel like there was something missing to my night though... *sigh* anyway, tomorrow... heheh. =)

i should be getting my own sleep too... i'm losing so much sleep of late. i just wish it directly related with weight loss... i wouldn't sleep in that case! heheheh...


attended the wedding of my officemate today - really fun... and crowded too. =P

ah, my weekend was really pathetic - i didn't manage to do that reinstallation, but at least now my brother is going to help me with it now... nice! =)

i met someone new over the weekend - makes up for my not being allowed to go to Cebu for the long weekend. she sounds like a nice person, though she claims that she's not exactly an ideally nice person. i'm rather excited to get to know more about her primarily because it's been quite a while since i tried mingling with total strangers... not that i don't like it that way, but it's a rarity these days for me, with the oh-so-dead social life that i maintain. =P add the fact that she seems to be very different, yet strangely familiar to me, as far as who she maintains herself to be is concerned...

i also had a really nice conversation with Paula tonight - she's a really nice person... i hope i get to know her more as the days go by.

hmm... my choirmates (AJ and Moxie) scoffed at me when i told them i wasn't girl-crazy... i wonder if i really AM NOT who i think i am... =\


the person who's saved over a billion people... wonder why _he_ isn't popular? read the article...
i've begun restructuring my Windows 98SE partition from ground zero, meaning that i reformatted and started all over - this is for that partition - my Windows XP partition is still alive. =)

since i want my A/V editing rig as perfect as possible, i've started collecting stuff to put into it again... so far i have these titles up in the queue:
- Adobe Premiere 6.5
- Adobe After Effects 5.0
- Cakewalk Sonar 2.0
- Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0
- Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4.0

i'll also start tossing support apps into them, such as plugins for Sound Forge, transition software for Premiere, etc... =)

i've been hearing so much about Meteor Garden so far that i've decided to go buy myself a copy of the entire 1st season... call me sucker, but it's amazing how popular it's actually become...

hmm... Adobe is coming up with a DVD authoring package - should take note of that...

i think my head hurts from too much sugar intake this afternoon after our choir practice... should not have taken that much gulaman... heheh. *cringes*


wow! talk about a cool thing to have in a garden! i wish i had the time to actually make this though. i'm sure that it can't be TOO hard to build, now that someone has the idea out... =)

looking to skin your Windows XP desktop to something a bit rebellious? check out this site, which features a pretty complete list (and download) for anything you'll need to make things look a lot different.

now if i could just get one of those cool TFT monitors for use with my rig...

speaking of rigs, i really should get around to assembling myself a new rig someday... this one is clearly showing its age...


enter a new era of p2p software - BitTorrent.

heheheh... actually i know so little about it, but it claims that the more people downloading from one source, the faster the downloads go for everyone! just check out their website for info on it... =)

the reason why i bumped into it is because a friend of mine pointed out to me that Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free multiplayer-only download, and weighing in at a staggering 260mb, he advised me to try getting it the BitTorrent way.

so far so good. but i have yet to see spectacular download times coming from it. maybe it's just chance... i'll just try downloading a few more items using it and see whether it really is a good bit of p2p software. =)

UPDATE: i've decided to NOT use BitTorrent for now - it turns out Destiny Cable has it hosted on their FTP server. i'm sure it'll be loads faster from there. =)


i've already seen TWO Microsoft Smartphone-based mobile phones around (and this is just in the office), so for anyone who actually finds themselves here, i've got links for you on a review on the HTC Canary (which is the first version of Smart Telecommunication's "Smart Amazing Phone" - see their press release here), and a phone based on the HTC Tanager (which is the upgraded design of the Microsoft Smartphone that the "Smart Amazing Phone" is based on). i also saw some sites for software downloads for the device, and i'll post some i see next time. this isn't something i'll be shelling out my hard-earned cash on, though. =P

egad, it's 11pm already?? i can't believe it... *sighs* i've got to go rest (again) so that i won't fall asleep midway at work - tomorrow seems like it's gonna be a killer. at least the weekend's just around the corner... =)


dinner: had a bite of tuna sashimi, and a huge amount of fluid - i average about a liter of water every meal, assuming i have the right tumbler out (i'm using the one that Wendy's used to have on promotion, the one that could hold about 900+ml).

looks like i've been turned into the home masseur - my parents seem to enjoy my massages quite a lot... if i were really good, i'd say that i have no idea how i became that good.

i've been hearing SOOOOOOO much about Meteor Garden for the past few days, so i've decided to do some research, and put up a link or two for them - my sister is considering getting a copy of the series on VCD, and if she does, well, i'll get to watch and comment about it. assuming, of course, that it can actually stay here at home for more than a few days after everyone in our circles find out. this link has episode summaries and stuff, but it's down most of the time. maybe this other link would be much more helpful. and i just found out that there's actually a second series for it already. talk about popularity.

oh, also, speaking of popularity, some people might be interested to know that it's actually banned in China - in all forms legal anyway. =P

and in case some people want to petition for a relocation of the show's timeslot (as aired on ABS-CBN these days), you could try checking out this link - it has 497 online signatures at the time of writing. it could also help to bombard the TV station about inquiries on moving its time schedule or what-not.

*whew* IF i actually chance to watch an episode, i hope i won't turn into the mindless zombie that couch potatoes usually turn into. heheh.
weather's finally gotten better now, though rain still comes around with quite an intensity every so often.

i found some really nice articles on last Friday's issue of the Philippine Star. a very excerpt from the article (which i have linked from their website) puts the whole thought of the article as simply as it should - "We are victims of indiscipline. We are our own worst enemies. We sabotage our own quality of life as a matter of course.". unfortunately, i can't find a link for the other one, which talks about an actor's ordeal lesson on how he quit smoking - maybe i'll try to ask permission to publish it here - if not, well, go ask me in private and i'll probably mail it to you. =)

my brother is processing something on his login again, so i'm forced to delay whatever recreation i had in mind on this workstation until much later, when he lets me log on, since i wouldn't want to cause any undue hassles with whatever _he's_ doing. pfft. anyway, i've been tardy on my blogs again anyway...

i have got to start losing weight! practically everyone i know has started to notice, and that isn't a good sign at all! my personal deadline: 30 days. and i have 3 "bets" to back that up.

anyway, i got dinner to attend to. later...