noontime minglings

i'm glad i bumped into this guy way back in college - this guy's a tech nut like myself... might be even _more_ of a tech nut than myself. heheh. =)

now i've got many things in consideration as i start reviving (and snazzing up) this blog of mine, among which are the following:

1- subscribe to BlogRolling for easy link maintenance [put it in already, though i only have one post in right now - my friend's site]
2- consider signing up for a moblog
3- consider posting lots more, cuz my friend apparently got rewarded with a GMail account for doing so... *envious*

hmm, looks like i have my weekend all occupied with tech stuff now... we'll see as things come along.

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the day-stealer said...

Hey cool I randomly picked a blog by a fellow Filipino haha:) Oh and about Hello, I downloaded it yesterday and it works ok. Not very user-friendly though. Or it could just be that I'm too stupid for it.