one limitation i noticed with mailing my blog posts is that the comments tag won't show - at least for now. since i've configured my settings to publish my posts as i mail them, i'll just have to edit them later when i get full Internet access (which most probably won't come around until i get home). and one other thing i have to work on: i forgot to save the script i used to put in a guestbook and counter on my blog page before - will have to dig up the HTML codes to put those back in.

KnoppiXMAME and PS2 Xmame worked somewhat okay... i wasn't able to get my gamepads to work in KnoppiXMAME, and games were EXCESSIVELY slow on the PS2. at least it's a start.

i heard on the radio today on my drive to work that a man has been jailed for posting nude pictures of his 17-yr-old girlfriend he took with his mobile phone (i'll try to find a link for that later tonite). pretty soon we're going to start seeing how these camera phones will be mandated with some form of control to prevent things like this from happening, much like how the Internet's laws and stuff first started.

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