morning ritual

on my drive to work this morning, as i was cruising along Ortigas Ave. on the first intersection coming from Libis heading for EDSA, some crazy government vehicle from Manila Water decided to be Mr. Reckless and swerved in from the right, almost hitting me head on.

thankfully, he has this "how's my driving" hotline on his body, so as any irritated citizen would do, i dutifully noted down the license plate of the vehicle, and i'm going to be calling them up later to report his wonderful driving.

*sigh* what a morning. =)


all systems go!

i've finished migration of my video editing platform from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP, and editing is a dream on it! =) i hope to finish installations and stuff soon, so in due time i'll have my very own "commercial" ready... =PPP

i cooked up our salty adobo (dunno to which culture it's local to tho) that has some pork and salty fish, added some more salty fish flakes (daing) and added leftover rice into it to create my own version of salted fish rice... okay, so it's isn't exactly salted fish, and it does have that adobo dis(?)coloration, but it tastes good, and that's good for me. now the question is whether people here at home will like it.

30 minutes to go to find out... =P


video production material

i bumped into CyberCollege, containing a great list of free resources for learning - i'll have to read these very well before setting out on what i intend to do with the video cam. =)



now that i have a video cam, i'll definitely be starting some editing as soon as i get my new Windows XP partition up and running. in the meantime i'm off to look for software that will come in handy with my equipment... like Scenalyzer - which is supposed to make capturing so much easier.

i'll give it a whirl once everything's set. =)


i got a videocam!

i finally got my own video camera! i got a second-hand Sony TRV-50 (japanese model) and i'm really looking forward to playing around with it come weekend. =)

i still need a firewire cable and a reinstall of my editing OS before that can all happen though...


why you shouldn't lose your digital media

this blogger happened to pick up someone's flash memory, and has decided to make a fictional identity using the pictures...

man, talk about scary.


wanted: Symbian OS programmers

my friend is looking for people in the know with programming on the Symbian OS platform (specifically, programming on the Nokia series 60 phones, like the 6600) - he has tasks that are due for the end of the month. ask me for more information. =)

gun owner

i just found out that i have a friend at work who happens to be a licensed firearms owner - cool. he owns a shotgun, a Glock, and some other gun that i don't recognise by name... heheh. =P

gun owners must have some extreme ability to manage their "itch", lest they decide to take that power into their own hands and do whatever they want. my friend says that there's all sorts of psychological tests that need to be taken before a license is granted. knowing things here, there must be some way to circumvent that system "underground".

the thought of unlicensed firearms owners loitering around like nutters sure make me worry...


my cool teacher's niche!

check this out - it's a link to my super-cool philosophy from way back in college. =)

hmm... i didn't know he decided to pursue priesthood... well, that's all and good. =)


flash fiction and stuff

i've been seeing sacha doing flash fiction before, and i was thinking just now, heck, why don't i give it a whirl sometime too?

i also took the liberty of reading up about it too - check this infolink out.

oh, i hope sacha reads this post - thanks for remembering my birthday... i didn't think you would! (though you didn't greet me, that post you have is good enough) =)

hmm... i wonder if starting a flash fiction blogger group would be a good thing? or maybe there's such a group already? lemme go check...


Google Tricks and hacks

check these links for - this one comes from from Linux Exposed
- this one comes from Fravia's

there must be a bunch of other google tricks out there - happy searching! ^_^


things from the not-so-distant past

since i wasn't able to do my posts for the past few days, here's a summarised entry:

- email-to-blog doesn't seem to be working, since i was mailing from work last thursday (my birthday) but my messages kept bouncing back.
- my sister and i ate friday night at Papemelroti Cafe, located near my sister's office in Roces Ave., and the ambiance there was just great! they have bottomless fresh dalandan juice, and their food, according to my sister, and according to what i ate then (breaded fish fillet with lemon sauce), is great. don't forget to have risotto con pomodoro (i think) for rice meals. plus there are books for reading there. =)
- there's also a bookshop on the second floor where the cafe was, called Books For Less. maybe it's a place to look for good books... i've seen all sorts of books there, ranging from paperback cookbooks to hardbound fiction books going for anywhere between P100 - P300. cool!
- today i decided to try to close a deal on BidShot for some editing hardware, and i'm hoping that the seller would finalise and close the deal with me, since apparently he has another buyer courtesy of his brother. man, i'm really hoping for this one...
- i was also doing some video editing via Adobe Premiere 6.5, and found out some new features today, like fading the non-transition video elements (which i thought was only possible using a transition). i also realised that i could set the project settings of the video to DV playback, and set the real-time preview of the project so i could preview my effects (via the computer) with no renders... man, that sucks. i wonder what else i don't know with Premiere? this is one of the reasons why i'm getting that piece of hardware that's being sold on BidShot.

so there. =)


birthday greetings

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday, happy birthday...
happy birthday to meeeeeeh!

heheh. ^_^


emergency hotline charges?

check this link out - and then
read the rest of my post.

i'd be very disappointed at the government if they push through with this plan. i mean, who has ever heard of an emergency hotline that charges its callers? can you imagine how nutty that'd be? let me give you a scenario:

burglar breaks in and enters the house in a subdivision. bystanders notice the incident and try to take action. yet, they can't because mobile phone text messages to 117 are charged extra. mobile phone calls and payphones won't patch through either for the same reason.

what's next? maybe phone calls to all government agencies would incur extra charges someday?

whoever it was that came up with this uniquely stupid idea, my hat, and my bat goes down on your head. truly, and simply idiotic.