i'm back!

i've decided to revive my blog - with a bit of reconditioning, of course.

interestingly, the features i've been waiting for ever since Blogger got acquired by Google are now available to all users! that means i get to post blogs via email! cool!

why elusive refractions? well, i've been meaning to find some sort of inspiration to kick start my life in a totally new direction, especially now that i'm approaching my mid-20s, and this seems to have been my problem for the past couple of months as it is. and i thought, maybe it'd be a nice name for my blog...

i'll also be trying to realign it to better reflect my personal preferences on technology and what-nots. i've been posting like this were a diary before. (i don't mind the archives of my past blog - they're better there to remind me of my past blog "methodologies".)

i'm looking forward to this "new" blog!

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