new gear!

my brother was so kind to buy me a pair of new headphones for my a/v editing work - the Philips SBC HP200. there really isn't much about it online, but testing it for the past 30 or so minutes has left me feeling very satisfied with the pair. and at only P800, it's pretty cheap. i'm listening to Usher and John Mayer, and i'm good... =)

that wasn't the only things they bought today - they also got a pair of cordless IR headphones (i'll write about it tomorrow), and incidentally, got a pair of computer speakers free, the BA160. i haven't tested them, nor have i seen any reviews for them, but they're active _and_ passive speakers, so they should be pretty good.

more on these stuff as the week goes along...


RaP said...

hi, i googled "Philips SBC HP200" and your blog came up, may i know where did your brother purchase those headphones? i'm currently looking for one and i haven't found one in any of the stores here in metro manila

thanks in advance

you can mail me at rapraprap-at-gmail.com

kristoffer.tan said...

hi RaP,

i saw one in the Odyssey store in Robinson's Place Metro East last night - selling for P800. i'm sure you can find the same pair over the usual places. at worst, you can probably try going to any Odyssey store and ask them if they can get the stock from that place.