crazy subtitles!

this is nuts - can you imagine that someone would actually subtitle an English movie SO wrong that it hardly made sense!

lesson of the story: do not buy pirated DVDs. at least, not from China. heheh.


blogging on my PSP

this is a test post composed on my PSP using a browser i found on the net.

boy, typing on this thing is HARD!


more about the kwek-kwek recipe

i just remembered that as i was walking to work last Saturday, i chanced upon a street vendor who was preparing his "orange bits of goodness" for frying, and one thing i noticed he was doing was that not only was he using a rather thick batter, he was also using a spoon to coat the eggs, before sliding the whole bit off the spoon and into the frying pan. i suppose he must have the spoon oiled too, unless the batter mix is oily to begin with.

i'll experiment with those observations next time...

[edit: is it kwek-kwek, kwek kwek, or tukneneng? i don't seem to know the exact differences/nuances...]

learning on my spare time

between playing games on my Sony PSP, singing and playing the guitar with the choir, and reading Harry Potter (books 5 and 6 - can't wait to finish them), i'm actually trying my best to learn a new instrument - a recorder!

(image may be different from actual unit used)

i've always wanted to learn some more instruments in my spare time. right now i know a little piano and the guitar, and hopefully i'll have the time and resources to learn the violin too, and some other wind instrument (a flute?).

one other advantage of learning the recorder is that it should help me learn how to read notes on sheet music - something i am rather poor at doing.

i'll keep my progress posted here as i go along... :)


some things you have to be forced to learn...

... i guess. for example, check out sacha's CookOrDie sessions, where she vividly recounts how she manages to cook and proceed to consume the product afterwards.

very interesting approach - maybe i should try that out too...


more recipes!

i just found the PinoyCook website that has all sorts of recipes too. since i've noticed an increase in page hits ever since i put in that kwek kwek/tukneneng recipe, i've become more interested with posting (for posterity i guess) recipes that people might have problems locating.

for example, from this site i just mentioned, i found a variation to the isaw recipe i was actually looking for tonight. check that out here. but let's be clear though: this is _not_ a food recipe blog, nor is cooking a specialty of mine. i'm still leaning more on technology, which is something i'll be going back to one way or the other.

however, i'll post back here when i find some more Pinoy recipes for distribution...



and for recipes for the more common foods (as well as some not-so-common items), check this place out!

as an added bonus, you get some translations of Filipino fish names. who ever knew that galunggong is mackerel?


i was introduced to binatog a few weeks back (there's a stall in the basement food court of SM Southmall, FYI), and i've been scouring for a recipe to follow by ever since. the closest one i could come up with was this.

since i had a salty binatog (which i think i'd like better) just replace the milk and sugar with salt. now if only know where i could find the corn to use for this...



thunder sure sounds so much more menacing when you're 38 floors above ground...

so what have you done with your PSP?

if you're one of the luckier owners of Sony PSPs with firmware versions 1.0 or 1.5, _DON'T_ perform any network updates or firmware updates just yet! if you want to, you're eligible to be one of a growing number of PSP owners who have taken the road to alternative gaming on the PSP: emulators!

if you guys haven't done so yet, check out my link to PSP Emulation - you'll be able to have access to a great wealth of emulators on the PSP - NES, GB, Sega, SNES... the list is immense! there are also third-party applications that have been developed for other fun purposes. for example, you can turn your PSP into a PS2 and Sony Wega remote control! you can also control your PC from your PSP!

just keep checking out the links i mentioned already (especially PSPUpdates. and Google anything else you might read up on elsewhere.

and for video conversions, check out PSP Video 9 - but i'll make a better article on this topic next time...

for now, happy homebrew! and feel free to message me if you have any questions about using any PSP application.


i'm getting a Sony PSP today!

hopefully anyway. but one thing's for sure, i'm most definitely planning to get it within the weekend so that i can start mucking around with it already. and with all the cool things that can be done with it so far (like playing NES/SEGA/SNES games on it), i'm already drooling at the thought.

for all you other Sony PSP owners, here are a couple of links i've managed to collect while looking around for stuff that i could actually do with it (i'm guessing the lot of you guys know these links already anyway).

PSPUpdates: The Place for Playstation Portable News
PSP Emulation News

i can only hope that i'll enjoy it as much as i enjoy plunking down the money for it. heheh.