blogging from Singapore

i'm currently composing this post while i'm so many kilometers away from my home - and it's my first time out of the country, not to mention my first time having to stay in a residence ALONE. i'm a bit nervous for work tomorrow since we have to face some clients for discussions, but i'm happy to announce that i've managed to get to do some things for the first time now:

- checking into the airport and riding an airplae (well, duh.)
- staying alone in the wonderful Somerset Liang Court - and on my own again (surprise surprise)
- having a long dip in a bath tub (and getting scalded by the hot water too)
- actually ironing my long sleeved polo shirts for work tomorrow (steam iron - really should invest on one)

well, this is all for now. have to sleep so that i can be ready for work tomorrow.


stuff i've missed talking about

here's a rundown of everything that's been going on with my life for the past couple of weeks:
- things are settling down with my HP Pavilion a1238l, though i still haven't gotten around to registering the damn computer. i guess i'll have to worry about that some other time.
- i've been pulled out of my original "home" in Makati (GT Tower) and shuffled off to Pioneer (Cybergate), which makes travels to work faster, but also makes commuting home a bit more troublesome, since there's no shuttle services operating in the vicinity.
- i'm actually going to get out of the Philippines - to Singapore, to be exact - for free. i'm pretty scared and excited about the whole idea, but i really don't know what to feel until i'm actually miles away from home... i hope i don't feel too homesick too quickly.

well, that's pretty much it for now... will be posting some more (hopefully) in the days to come. :D


belated holiday greetings and then some

belated holiday wishes to everyone - was too lazy to make any new updates lately.

for my Christmas gift, i went off to get myself an HP Pavilion A1238L yesterday. at ~P37k, 0% installment for 6 months, i think i have myself covered pretty well. why they only managed to release just ONE ad for this computer (so far anyway) has got me wondering though... could it have been related to the fact that the computer was supposed to be on the promotion last December, but the unit never made it in time? or maybe the newspaper ad was done wrong (which i doubt, since HP confirmed this for me).

well whatever the case, i'm still in the long process of setting up the computer for actual use, like moving my SB Live! in. too bad i might have to drop my LiveDrive in the process - there doesn't seem to be a free bay for me to drop it into. i'll figure this out as things move along.

in case you're one of the few people who's been looking for any further information about this particular computer, i'll get a quick review up when i have everything up and running. one thing you may want to be aware of though, is that this is a Venice core Athlon 64. also (and unfortunately for us), there doesn't seem to be any way to fiddle around with the multipliers, etc. etc. so no overclocking on this rig.