what better way to christen a new PDA...

than by gutting the darned thing! heheh... i'l have my own pictures up soon - i'm midway gutting mine... all because of that STUPID digitizer problem i'm having...


blogging off my Tungsten!

aha! i'm finally able to perform blogging off my PDA! cool!

some issues with it though:
1 - the digitizer problem i'm experiencing on this device is far worse than any other unit i've EVER had! apparently the slider is partly to blame for the problem.
2 - 320x320 feels so old-school. i wish i could upgrade to a 320x480 screen again someday...
3 - i miss the Jog Dial...


i've decided...

... i'm getting the Tungsten T package my brother's boss is offering. hurts, but i'm sure i'll enjoy every peso spent on it. =) wish i could pony up for something else, but it really isn't exactly something easy to justify cost-wise. in the first place, i never intended to find a PDA replacement just yet anyway. ah well...

i'm feeling dizzy and sleepy... i should rest early tonight... must be because of all this spending i'm doing of late. =P


i finally got personal webspace off myDestiny - this means i can finally start linking pics into this page... in a much cuter way!

(i gotta figure out the HTML involved first though...)

i've decided to get one of the Tungsten T offers to me - i'm perceiving this as a slight downgrade, coming from the HiRes+ screen of the Clie NR70, but i don't mind - i'm getting BlueTooth and Voice Recording... =)

let's try this:

aha! it works! heheh... now if i can only learn more HTML to create a webpage WITHIN the webspace provided...


my Clie! my poor little Clie!

it broke! i can't believe that it's busted! oh, the humanity! what am i going to do now?

hmm... i have a few options:
1- spend a premium getting a new Clie (a brand-new NX-80 is selling for roughly P35k)
2- spend much less getting something else (i've seen two ads selling used Tungsten Ts for P12k)
3- not spend at all (save myself money, but lose out on a PDA too)

i dunno what option i'll be taking yet. *sigh*


Break Up Letter Generator


now if only i've been a dumper myself. heheheheh.



freaky Fridays!

to summarize my Friday: i got sick, i almost fully committed to meeting a business contact without the person who knew the contact, nor knowing the place to go to, and there was traffic all over. sucks.

i'm still a bit sick, and i still have to wash the car, but i might be asking for trouble if i actually strain myself loads with those chores...

in any case, at least i'm down to 180lbs now. heheheheh...


an open letter to the RIAA

this kinda makes me think about buying music in any format.

i can't believe that artists really make that little from labels. even though this has little bearing for me (being outside the US), it sure makes you think about that CD you've always wanted...


Ensembl Genome Browser

the Ensembl Genome Browser - cool resource for DNA stuff! and it's free too!

now if i can only find something of real use for this... heheh... =P


The AQ Test

introducing, the Autistic-Spectrum Quotient Test - now we'll see if we're really normal compared to the rest of the world.

this is NOT a replacement for actual diagnostic tests, so don't get any funny ideas with this now.

and in case anyone has any funny ideas with my score, i got a 13. ^_^

guide to Friendster pictures

this is neat - now you can tell what personality your Friendster-mates have. heheheh... (not to be taken seriously, okay?)


i want them to read this...

tomorrow, i'll want to print this article out and hand this to them.

of course, if i actually have the guts to do that. =P

i can't believe this place...

... sometimes i wonder what's exactly different about us here (at home). i can't go out as freely as i would want to, i can't stay out late as freely as i would like to, and i can't even socialise without Big Brother (read: my parents) constantly filtering and screening who i go out with. heck! some people are surprised i still have a curfew at home (loosely-defined - that's what makes it hard to understand).

i mean, sure, i'm still living with my parents, and i'm not exactly self-sufficient. but i'm already 23, for Pete's sake. i wish they would at least be aware by now that, if anything, i WANT to commit mistakes because of the decisions i make. at least that way i'll have no one to blame but myself. as it is, if i encounter something not nice or not to my liking this way, i'm bound to end up blaming THEM. if i don't find myself out of this situation, i'll find myself getting/selecting friends just like how i found myself getting my degree of "choice" in college - suggested rather forcibly. either that or i'll play the role of Mr. Rebel, which will be fun for a while until everything gets cut off from my world, and i'm forced to humble myself back to reality.

it sure sucks being forced to follow the path of twisted conservatism (IMHO).

anyway, it's just an hour or so before i finally get out on a date again, after so long (about a few months actually) - i hope people here will understand someday that, it has nothing to do with upbringing; i am like this - not anyone one else at home.


Linux-based PVR!

when i finally get around to ponying up for a new rig, i'll make sure to put this piece of software up for a whirl...

by that time i should've sold off my old DC30+ for something better - say, a Pro-One or an RT.X10. *grins* now if only i had the money to burn, and the sources to get them from...

*sigh* life sure sucks when you're the sort of person who needs a constant tech-fix that weighs in so much greater than your net income can actually sustain.

some random stuff i came up with for the day...

check out these links of interest:

- QuirksMode, for all your browser quirks: something interesting to take note of for web designers
- Car Care, Auto Detailing and Car Care Tips by Wax Station: for every car freak (like i'm slowly turning out to be)

(... hmm... i ought to get this car detailed sometime - God knows just how much i'd be spending for that though, as i really would like all those awful scratch marks gone...)

my brother and i finalised the reorganisation of this room of ours - it now resembles the room it's supposed to be (as opposed to the war zone that it used to be). thank goodness. now if only i can start work on these bookshelves...

more later.