UK TV Advert Music Database, and then some...

suddenly i want to come up with a service similar to this on a more local/global scale... not a bad idea, if you ask me...

have a badminton game later tonight - i ought to sharpen my skills on that game some more, as i played terribly the last time i did.

my PDA died on me yesterday, so i've been prompted to do a hard reset, and start all over from scratch. good thing i synced prior to the crash...


amazing optical illusions!

i just _had_ to come back and post about THIS one!

random bits

this is cool - some guy's art. weird and interesting, to say the least.

i saw sacha last night, but i didn't get to introduce myself to her. darn. there'll be a next time, for sure... and i was reading through her wiki again last night, and noticed a cute article she wrote on relating with her. does that mean i have to up my geekiness notch to get to know her? i hope i don't have to go overboard on that.

she also has another reflection along the same tune (this time on marriage), which is also an interesting read.

i'm listening/watching the TV right now, to the tune of F4 songs... eech. at least i get to know what the rest of the Philippines is going nuts over once in a while. it pays to be updated.

i have a video editing session to work on next week - i gotta clear up my previous work from this PC - move them to VHS (or VCD/DVD) before next week comes around.



if you've ever needed an email address for a few hours, then go check this out.

i can think of a few situations where i'll need to get an email address to pass around... heheh... this is going to be fun. =)


trying things out...

i've decided to get some more stuff for my blog, like this cool subscription mode for my blog - God knows just who would actually bother to sign up, but it'd be nice to know anyway. =)

i feel stupid... everyone i've ever liked so far already has a significant other. is it just me or am i just feeling the "pressures" of a loveless, girlfriend-less state?


okay, so Globe has limited WAP browsing now, though it did help us get the number of Kamayan West Avenue on the road... =)

have to start video editing soon, otherwise i'm bound to miss the deadline being imposed on me. i wish they wouldn't do that... i didn't ask for this, and it's not like i'm really benefitting from it... =(


sucky - not only did i lose access to the wapblogging link, apparently my cellular telco has actually denied access to every single site outside of their "accepted list".

so much for free WAP over GPRS (and vice versa). i'm expecting that they'll start charging for the service too - eh, let's hope for the best...

i wonder what's in store for me today... wish i get lots of gifts... (yeah, right... like i were still a kid who'd keep getting toys and money for birthdays - nowadays it's more like I'M expected to shell out).