on the quest for fuel saving...

with the recent rise in fuel prices, i've been looking at ways to lessen my fuel expenses. unfortunately i wasn't able to complete my Shell Better Mileage Gasoline claim, owing to a price war that was just too compelling to pass up (it used to be a .60 difference! now it's just .30, but that's still quite a bit). so, i've gone looking around, and managed to almost convince myself to have a Khaos Fuel Saver installed onto my car, a P6.5k investment.

but i did my homework. i checked and searched all over to read about its benefits and side-effects... and then i stumbled upon this site, debunking the claims of this thing. i've looked and looked for anything else that says otherwise, but so far this site has been most believable with its debunking.

so no Khaos for me - just better driving habits. =)