DVD ripping off the PS2

one of the projects i've been meaning to attend to was to be able to rip a DVD on my PC, using the DVD drive of the PS2, since the one i'm using right now is region-locked to Region 2. this, of course, has to go through the Linux kit (via Samba), connected to our network.

i think i have complete recipe for this exercise now.

- PS2 with Linux installed (via the PS2 Linux kit)
- workstation with a DVD writer, SmartRipper, DVD Shrink
- ~20GB HDD
- network connection between the PS2 and workstation
- any DVD movie disc of your choice

- enable Samba on PS2 Linux
- create a share for the DVD drive
- on the workstation, map the share to a drive
- run SmartRipper, and let it detect the share
- backup entire disc (or select which VOBs to extract)
- let run for a few hours (maybe)
- run DVD Shrink, and load ripped VOB files
- re-encode to DVD-5 (4.7GB per disc - if your DVD recorder only supports this much)
- burn, baby, burn!

you could use guides to help figure out some details, but essentially this is it. =)

right now, i'm also thinking that maybe the ~20GB HDD requirement can be moved to the PS2 instead of the workstation, by ripping from the PS2 DVD drive, and saved into the PS2 HDD. i'll give it a whirl someday.

wow! i just saved myself P2k for a new drive! (tho my brother spent lots just to get his hands on the PS2 Linux kit in the first place)

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