photomosaic madness

my sister was looking for a way to make a simple, yet impressive creative page for her college yearbook a couple of months back. since she had been playing on the idea of creating a photo-collage, the tech nut inside me shifted into gear. so i told her, why not use a photomosaic?

naturally, i got a puzzled look from her. so i went off to demonstrate what Centarsia could do for her, and she was practically blown away by what it could do.

there are a bunch of other software that are available that can do this, but Centarsia is free (gotta love these software developers).

the only downside: you'll need to do your tweaking on your own, since it's not the most user-friendly piece of software you'll find. plus, you're going to need all the pictures you could possibly get for a really good photomosaic.

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