it's been raining cats and dogs for the past couple of days now, and it's finally looking like it's going to let up now...

the weather over at my office is terrible. since we're just practically by the bayside, the winds can get extremely gusty, which translates to rain that rarely pour downwards. so bad that i've been asking my dad to fetch me from work these past two days already. interestingly enough, our travel time tonight from my office going home was a mere 50-somthing minutes! compare that to my average travel time of 2 hours...

the remote of my Clié got busted last Sunday, so now i'm in the search for a brand-new one to replace it... either that or i find a way to repair the darned thing.

Windows XP is acting up on our machine again... that pretty much limits my surfing time even further... God knows what i'll need to do to get this system back to normal...

other than that, hmm... i guess nothing else seems worth blogging at this time...


things that transpired over the week -

- one of the screws at the back of my Clié fell out, and now it's missing one screw to hold it together. it's liveable, but i'll definitely want to find a replacement screw for that, and make sure that i'll be able to thread it better.
- watched Matrix Reloaded last night with my sister and Moxie, and through the teeth-chattering blast of air-conditioning practically pointed at our seats, had a really wonderful time. i do not think that it was just an action movie, as some reviews i've read online have said, but the relationship between Neo and Trinity was surely something that didn't need that much embellishing... i hope that the movie isn't boiling down into some sex- and action-driven plot.
- i'm montoring my weight so much more these days. i'm actually bloating up these past few months, and that's something i simply refuse to let happen.
- furthest-driven point on my own so far: Legaspi Village, Makati. latest time out driving on my own: 1030p (from watching the movie).
- bought a couple of CD-Rs and DVD-RWs for use with our system - will come in handy for those custom-made DVDs that we'd like to test out before committing a final burn (my Snoopy video collection in particular).
- saw a Nokia 3650 up close and personal - looks like a slightly better version of the 7650 (despite the numbering). nice phone, but i'm still very much happy and not parting with my ultracool Nokia 6150.
- my cousin's son (Cedric Nygel) was christened today, so we had lunch out - nice cozy place gone awry with a tad bit too many guests.

i must have some more details i wanna talk about that i haven't put up here, but i'll try posting some more as i remember them tonight. =)


i haven't posted the pictures in yet, but just look over my photo page every once in a while to check if i've posted them in...

by the way, winter, whoever you are, thanks. =)

speaking of pictures, i was finally able to bring home pictures from the last anniversary from our company - i was part of a presentation, and there were pics of me taken, and i've been dying to get my hands on them... am glad i finally have them without asking anyone else to help me retrieve it... =)

i talked with paula today - and it was fun, getting in touch with someone i've pretty much lost contact with already... and another friend of mine actually e-mailed me today - he saw my name on one of the mailing lists i frequent, and he wrote me... hi tonichi. =)

gee... it's approaching 11p already? this is what i have to bear with by working practically on opposite ends of the metropolis... i'll never get used to this setup.


i just came back from our outing today - i pretty much swam the entire day, and i took loads of pictures too... i'll link them all in next time, when i download them off the camera, and upload them to the internet.

i'll explain some more tomorrow - too sleepy to continue...


i've been tardy on my posts yet again! argh!

i can't believe it's been four days since my last post - what have i been doing anyway?

well, i still haven't got a haircut yet. and i still haven't started working on those schematics. plus i've got about a couple of tasks to finish before the day is up.

a few things i want to take note of:
- i've been gaining back lost sleep lately, mostly because i've been turning in before 11p - a bit unusual for me since i used to sleep after well after that.
- i borrowed a copy of "The Eye" yesterday, and i must say, it's a really wicked movie! i've got to get my own copy of it so that i can watch it in the comfort of the morning... =P
- we're having a badminton (and possibly a volleyball) game on Saturday. this should be fun, although it's kinda lessened since Barzee probably won't make it - we made such a great tandem last year. i hope his replacement would be reasonably good too... i'd sure hate to lose. =P
- i have software on my Clié that can actually play those old LucasArts DOS games such as Monkey Island... that is simply way too cool to ignore. of course, it serves me more as a technology demo rather than an actual new game for my PDA - it's just too frickin' slooow!
- i decided to clear out all the pictures on my digital camera in anticipation for the activities lined up for my weekend... =)
- i'm also thinking of going to Cebu sometime soon. i'm wondering if my parents would let me rush off to foreign lands alone though. if they do, i'm planning to be there 12 - 14 June. or if not, sometime September, near my birthday... =)

okay, that's about it for now.


i got to talk with Synara again today - and we're re-planning our meet some time before May is up. cool!

i was reading sacha's wiki again today, and noticed that she loves chess - i don't like it to an addiction, nor am i any expert at it, but i'm okay with the game... programmers seem to love chess, don't they? i really should get around to meeting her soon... also, i wonder if she reads my blog posts every once in a while... heheh...

i'm going to start chalking up design schematics with my sister for the top-secret website we were planning some time ago - it's long overdue, after all.

hmm... i still haven't got my hair cut... tsk tsk... where am i to go for a hair trimming?

i just came back from a surprise party for my cousin today - and was he surprised. =) that also meant that there was so much food to consume, and i guess i found myself pigging out again... out the window my diet just went again... *sigh* i have GOT to take more extreme actions to further any weight loss on my part.


*yawn* my schedule totally went bonkers today.

7a - 830a: planned to play badminton with my siblings. instead, a light drizzle at 715a stopped our play early. to compensate for the lost exercise, i then decided to play a little DDR with my sis.

9a - 1030a: planned to have my hair cut with my brother and my grandfather, but the barber shop we frequented just wasn't open... to be sure, i checked again at 10a and then yet another time at 4p. no dice. my dad brought them both to have their hair cuts elsewhere.

1p - 3p: was supposed to meet with Synara at her place, but she suddenly requested that we met some other time.

i hope my schedule never becomes this messy anymore.

EGAD! i just remembered that i have to scan up these orchid books that were lent to me... how the heck am i going to finish them? to be safe, in case i can't work on all the pages of the book, i'll just scan in the ones that were specifically set aside for scanning.

i've started trying to recruit new members into the choir from my neighborhood - i have at least one of them who's interested with the idea...

*yawn* i better sleep now... we do sing 6a every Sunday, after all...
hmm... scripts are working, and website's okay - but no visitors... heheh. at least, none yet anyway.

my friend just called in on my mobile phone over from Ilo-Ilo - turns out UFC-Heinz is holding his money until mid-June after they found out that he's resigning. he complied with whatever grace period was required by his contract for resignations, but i don't see why he has to have to wait that long until he gets his money (he leaves the company mid-May). i don't know much about the situation, but if it wasn't stipulated in his contract(s), why must he suffer like this? now i'll be lending him off some money for him to survive for the time being.

i hope he'll be okay...
hmm... scripts are working, and website's okay - but no visitors... heheh. at least, none yet anyway.

my friend just called in on my mobile phone over from Ilo-ilo - turns out UFC-Heinz is holding his money until mid-June after they found out that he's resigning. he complied with whatever grace period was required by his contract for resignations, but i don't see why he has to have to wait that long until he gets his money (he leaves the company mid-May). i don't know much about the situation, but if it wasn't stipulated in his contract(s), why must he suffer like this? now i'll be lending him off some money for him to survive for the time being.

i hope he'll be okay...


ahhh... i believe these scripts are good to go now. i had to realign them a bit (the normal code came with CENTER metatags) to suit my taste and motif, but otherwise they're okay... plain and simple.

lemme just tweak this a bit more - i'll want to have the guestbook window open up its own window, so we'll insert some changes to make that work, but other than that, this is all pretty good already.

first, my blog - tomorrow, the WORLD!

heheheh... as if. =P


after some deliberation, i've decided to try out CGISpy.com to enable my blog with CGI scripts - counters and stuff... i won't really work on much tonight - except that i really would want to put up the counter and the guestbook before i hit the hay.

i'll try putting the code in now, and i'll post again once i'm happy and content with everything...


i've taken to playing DDR again... am a bit irritated, having to play them on our antiquated PlayStation, and only playing up to the 4th installment of the series - and it's already well off to the 7th... maybe i could coax my brother to get me a PS2 version someday... =P

... this is a fun link for DDR freaks - it describes how to make an arcade-style DDR pad... now if i had the space to put that here, i'd do it...

and speaking of DDR, the fanaticism for that game has definitely died down here... unlike in Japan, where some guy literally blew away any standing records on scores recently. check this Japanese dude out! yowza!

my good friend kidded me about putting up a gossip column - if you're reading this, i'll tell you that i'll consider it only if i had enough dirt to lay down on people. and a private army to keep me safe from harm. heheh. if anyone else has some ideas for my blogging habits, don't hesitate to drop me a line (by clicking on my name just below my post).


besides the counter, i'd also like to look for some sort of guestbook/comments entry system up for my blog page... gotta remind myself about that.

my brother's peacefully snoring the night away behind me right now.
why doesn't he ever decide to turn in early to bed anyway?

well, i don't care whether he doesn't turn in to bed early or not - i'm going...
these guys are giving up their free service - and i had plans to fix up my website there... ah well - now i'll have to resort to using another one of these guys' famous services.

in any given case, this means i'll start peppering my blogs with pictures! heheh! actually, i should have started doing this sooner - it just never really occurred to me to do so. now i have seen the error of my ways and will now try posting with image links now... =)

- here's a cool shot of the Clié i talked about some time ago.
- here's a wonderful picture of the Snoopy stuffed toy i decided to buy for myself a few days ago (i couldn't post then - something was preventing me from loading the blogger pages properly).
- this site has a review on one of my most recent purchases, and i can say that i'm very pleased with it, even if it does look weird here at home.

not much else i have for tonight... as for the website i had planned earlier, i'll probably host it up somewhere else someday - i just don't have the patience to be concerned about it for now.


i've started sketching up plans for my other website.
- will have to maintain pics there for linking from my blog.
- will have to maintain other coherent material there, i.e., poems, songs, etc.
- will want a minimalist design for it.

am also considering getting "special" contact lenses by the end of the quarter... like those found here.

am also considering getting a counter for this frickin' blog page... =P
i feel really sick to myself tonight. i feel like i'm on narcotics and floating high up and my head's so detached to my body.

i'm feeding myself with sappy sentimental songs right now - just being the typical masochist that i am.

last Thursday i got an unexpected wake-up call from a stranger. there was nothing weird about the wake-up call - in fact you could say that i had it coming - but the person who delivered that wake-up call to me was what really hit me hard. it was a text message from my ex's boyfriend.

[FLASHBACK]i had a girlfriend a little over a year ago... at the time, i really thought things were going well between us. i was as unrestrictive as i could be, and i trusted her with everything that could, even if it hurt every so often. and i had a hard time proving to my family that she was okay (i'm Chinese, and she isn't, and there's this unwritten law that makes inter-cultural relationships such a big no-no) - eventually i did succeed convincing them to see things on my side. and then shortly afterwards, she breaks up with me because her family didn't approve of me.[/FLASHBACK]

*sigh* honestly speaking, in my mind, i was wondering whether we'd get back together. in fact, i went so far as to imagine that, maybe, she doesn't have a boyfriend yet, and is wondering of the same thing.

well, i guess not.

the weirder thing about all this is that, i had really thought that i had moved on from the ordeal - it's been a year, after all... again, i guess not. the wound she left was deeper, much deeper than i had earlier thought.

i wish i have a hole to dig myself into to hide in until my emotions tide over... but this is life. i have to pick myself up as soon as i possibly could, even if i continue spolling blood as i go...