today's activities

now that i've recovered from the initial elation i felt after getting Gmail, i guess i ought to talk about what else happened today. =)

we had a poster-making activity today with my choir this morning, with a common tailline: "WARNING: PSALMI - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE" styled just like those "parental advisory: explicit lyrics" symbols you see on CDs. i'd post an image of a sample poster, but i don't have Picasa installed yet.

and then i slept my afternoon away in an air-conditioned room (heheh), waking up at around 430p. then i helped out fix the birdcage my parents got last week, getting a few scrapes in the process - but that's okay.

then after dinner, my parents were going to the mall to have my sister's glasses fixed - and decided that i should have mine fixed too (actually, more of a replacement). and then all of a sudden my dad decided to get his fixed as well. fun - we must have incurred a 10k bill for that visit alone. ah well - my mom has a point when she said that corrective eyewear has an extremely gray pricing scheme, meaning that there isn't any real way to tell if you're purchases are actually cheap or not. it didn't matter much for us though - the owner happens to be my dad's classmate and my godmother. =) (shall we say, automatic discounts? *grins*)

anyway, that's what happened to my day so far. =)

i got Gmail!

thanks to my brother, i finally have Gmail! woohoo! heheh. =)

now i wonder how exactly i'll be using that service - i do have POP3 email via myDestiny, plus an email forwarding service that i pay for as it is.

at the very least, the geek factor of Gmail should be enough to make me a bit more "revered" in my circles while Gmail isn't open to the public yet.


Wired News: Swing and a Miss for Asteroid

while this news is every bit interesting, i'm more interested with the last newsbit in the article - a DOS issue nearly caused the Mars mission to fail?

hmm... at least, a patch was sent out soon enough to prevent the rover/s from dying. i wonder how much sooner (and worse) problems would have happened if they had sent these rovers out with Windows? shall we say, Martian BSOD? *shudder*


it works!

i guess i'll be posting from work again... =)

missing posts?

is it just me, or are my e-mail posts aren't getting here? i better check later tonight to be sure...


digital prints!

i got 103 digital pictures printed today at Kodak Eastwood City (P7 each, 4R, matte finish, with white borders), and i have to say that i'm quite pleased with the pictures.

i have one slight complaint about them though - seems that 1600x1200 (2MP) doesn't quite fit in 4R well, so the people at the photo shop took the liberty of cropping/centering the images on their own, which resulted to a loss of some image positioning, which really hurt with some of my creative pics.

anyway, i'm partly to blame - those images were sent for printing as is. no retouching, no manipulation. if i did that the prints would have definitely come out much better.

i'll make sure to remember that for the next batch of 100 images i'll have printed. =P


happy birthday Blogger!

man, i just realised that yesterday, Blogger was born!

happy birthday! ^_^


okay, while i'm still deliberating on whether i'm getting a video camera or not, here's something that i saw that might pass my time - assuming of course i have the hardware to use it with.

now if only people here would actually put up their TV programming schedules on the web in easy-to-parse formats. then PVRs might really kick off here. =)



what should i get first - a miniDV video camera, a hardware capture card (like a Pinnacle Pro-One), or a new workstation?

really tempted to get a video cam now tho...


agh! i'm blind!

... actually, that's my computer screaming out for mercy as its monitor died late this afternoon. it's not so bad - we're using the computer as a media center-ish sort of appliance now by hooking it up to a TV and the receiver we use for DVD playback. too bad we haven't gotten surround sound to work via SPDIF from the SB Live!

anyway, i guess that puts me out of the scene for a bit...


another invitation to blog elsewhere

my friend's inviting people to blog at iph via a 2-month trial period. - i'll give it a shot sometime soon, let me know when anyone of you considers doing so too. who knows, a free membership might be up for grabs (a $15/year value)!

my friend is also advising me to put up more interactive content in my blog, so i'll do just that as soon as i figure out how to do it.

also, i'm in the market for a miniDV video camera these days - trying to look for a Sony DCR-TRV70/80, or anything within the P20k-P30k range that's really good. any help would be really appreciated. =)


bad haircut day

this day will go down in history as the day i decided to change barbers, and got extremely disappointed.

okay, not that i'm that disappointed, to be honest, but compared to the P100 (P80 + P20 tip) i pay for a haircut that lasts a month, this P80 cut i had just a few minutes ago must be one that'll last me for only about 2 weeks.

ah well... i can't really blame my sister for this, though i'm really _really_ tempted to do so since she was the one who got me convinced to try. i could have talked to the cutter to cut it a different way, but i didn't.

let's just hope that things get better as the days and weeks pass by.

kristoffer's moblog

now that wasn't so hard, now was it?

anyway, i've got my moblog up now - check it out here. sorry for the lack of content there in the meantime okay? i haven't really bothered with it too much just yet, but just enough to get my preferred user name. =)

about the only thing i sort of hate there right now is the weirdness of the post preview behavior (displays your HTML code as is, but when you post it creates all those soft CR tags for you, and the limited 100x100px res for your personal photo. plus the inability to customise the layout - but i don't really change layouts that much anyway, so i think that's perfectly okay. =)

more blogs!

i'm giving myGlobe G-Blogs a shot, since it's being offered by my mobile carrier. hopefully i'll enjoy blogging there as much as i enjoy blogging here. i'll post a link in to my g-blogs blog site later... =)

don't worry - i'm not about to leave this place stagnant. you'll still hear from me regularly. =)


and then there was light...

... after 4 hours of darkness due to a power failure, things are finally back to normal. i think.

too bad no progress was made on installations on this thing, though that's not too big a problem for me yet. =)


there's no place like home!

okay, so maybe i'm exaggerating a bit, but our computer is sort of back online now... so i can get back to speed with everything that i do here pretty soon.

it's rather bare bones here right now though - just the core apps in place. that will change soon, for sure. =)


out of commission

i'm going to be offline for a few days, due to a reinstallation our OS is currently undergoing. don't fret - i'll be back sooner than i could click my red heels three times and say "there's no place like home!" (or something like that)



i was praised by my boss for a good job (sort of) today!

makes me sooooooo happy... amd makes me wish that he'd do it more often. but then again, that would mean that i have to do tasks that will make him believe in what i do... =)