*yawn* my schedule totally went bonkers today.

7a - 830a: planned to play badminton with my siblings. instead, a light drizzle at 715a stopped our play early. to compensate for the lost exercise, i then decided to play a little DDR with my sis.

9a - 1030a: planned to have my hair cut with my brother and my grandfather, but the barber shop we frequented just wasn't open... to be sure, i checked again at 10a and then yet another time at 4p. no dice. my dad brought them both to have their hair cuts elsewhere.

1p - 3p: was supposed to meet with Synara at her place, but she suddenly requested that we met some other time.

i hope my schedule never becomes this messy anymore.

EGAD! i just remembered that i have to scan up these orchid books that were lent to me... how the heck am i going to finish them? to be safe, in case i can't work on all the pages of the book, i'll just scan in the ones that were specifically set aside for scanning.

i've started trying to recruit new members into the choir from my neighborhood - i have at least one of them who's interested with the idea...

*yawn* i better sleep now... we do sing 6a every Sunday, after all...

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