i've been tardy on my posts yet again! argh!

i can't believe it's been four days since my last post - what have i been doing anyway?

well, i still haven't got a haircut yet. and i still haven't started working on those schematics. plus i've got about a couple of tasks to finish before the day is up.

a few things i want to take note of:
- i've been gaining back lost sleep lately, mostly because i've been turning in before 11p - a bit unusual for me since i used to sleep after well after that.
- i borrowed a copy of "The Eye" yesterday, and i must say, it's a really wicked movie! i've got to get my own copy of it so that i can watch it in the comfort of the morning... =P
- we're having a badminton (and possibly a volleyball) game on Saturday. this should be fun, although it's kinda lessened since Barzee probably won't make it - we made such a great tandem last year. i hope his replacement would be reasonably good too... i'd sure hate to lose. =P
- i have software on my Clié that can actually play those old LucasArts DOS games such as Monkey Island... that is simply way too cool to ignore. of course, it serves me more as a technology demo rather than an actual new game for my PDA - it's just too frickin' slooow!
- i decided to clear out all the pictures on my digital camera in anticipation for the activities lined up for my weekend... =)
- i'm also thinking of going to Cebu sometime soon. i'm wondering if my parents would let me rush off to foreign lands alone though. if they do, i'm planning to be there 12 - 14 June. or if not, sometime September, near my birthday... =)

okay, that's about it for now.

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