things that transpired over the week -

- one of the screws at the back of my Clié fell out, and now it's missing one screw to hold it together. it's liveable, but i'll definitely want to find a replacement screw for that, and make sure that i'll be able to thread it better.
- watched Matrix Reloaded last night with my sister and Moxie, and through the teeth-chattering blast of air-conditioning practically pointed at our seats, had a really wonderful time. i do not think that it was just an action movie, as some reviews i've read online have said, but the relationship between Neo and Trinity was surely something that didn't need that much embellishing... i hope that the movie isn't boiling down into some sex- and action-driven plot.
- i'm montoring my weight so much more these days. i'm actually bloating up these past few months, and that's something i simply refuse to let happen.
- furthest-driven point on my own so far: Legaspi Village, Makati. latest time out driving on my own: 1030p (from watching the movie).
- bought a couple of CD-Rs and DVD-RWs for use with our system - will come in handy for those custom-made DVDs that we'd like to test out before committing a final burn (my Snoopy video collection in particular).
- saw a Nokia 3650 up close and personal - looks like a slightly better version of the 7650 (despite the numbering). nice phone, but i'm still very much happy and not parting with my ultracool Nokia 6150.
- my cousin's son (Cedric Nygel) was christened today, so we had lunch out - nice cozy place gone awry with a tad bit too many guests.

i must have some more details i wanna talk about that i haven't put up here, but i'll try posting some more as i remember them tonight. =)

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