i haven't posted the pictures in yet, but just look over my photo page every once in a while to check if i've posted them in...

by the way, winter, whoever you are, thanks. =)

speaking of pictures, i was finally able to bring home pictures from the last anniversary from our company - i was part of a presentation, and there were pics of me taken, and i've been dying to get my hands on them... am glad i finally have them without asking anyone else to help me retrieve it... =)

i talked with paula today - and it was fun, getting in touch with someone i've pretty much lost contact with already... and another friend of mine actually e-mailed me today - he saw my name on one of the mailing lists i frequent, and he wrote me... hi tonichi. =)

gee... it's approaching 11p already? this is what i have to bear with by working practically on opposite ends of the metropolis... i'll never get used to this setup.

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