these guys are giving up their free service - and i had plans to fix up my website there... ah well - now i'll have to resort to using another one of these guys' famous services.

in any given case, this means i'll start peppering my blogs with pictures! heheh! actually, i should have started doing this sooner - it just never really occurred to me to do so. now i have seen the error of my ways and will now try posting with image links now... =)

- here's a cool shot of the Clié i talked about some time ago.
- here's a wonderful picture of the Snoopy stuffed toy i decided to buy for myself a few days ago (i couldn't post then - something was preventing me from loading the blogger pages properly).
- this site has a review on one of my most recent purchases, and i can say that i'm very pleased with it, even if it does look weird here at home.

not much else i have for tonight... as for the website i had planned earlier, i'll probably host it up somewhere else someday - i just don't have the patience to be concerned about it for now.

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