i got to talk with Synara again today - and we're re-planning our meet some time before May is up. cool!

i was reading sacha's wiki again today, and noticed that she loves chess - i don't like it to an addiction, nor am i any expert at it, but i'm okay with the game... programmers seem to love chess, don't they? i really should get around to meeting her soon... also, i wonder if she reads my blog posts every once in a while... heheh...

i'm going to start chalking up design schematics with my sister for the top-secret website we were planning some time ago - it's long overdue, after all.

hmm... i still haven't got my hair cut... tsk tsk... where am i to go for a hair trimming?

i just came back from a surprise party for my cousin today - and was he surprised. =) that also meant that there was so much food to consume, and i guess i found myself pigging out again... out the window my diet just went again... *sigh* i have GOT to take more extreme actions to further any weight loss on my part.

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