i've taken to playing DDR again... am a bit irritated, having to play them on our antiquated PlayStation, and only playing up to the 4th installment of the series - and it's already well off to the 7th... maybe i could coax my brother to get me a PS2 version someday... =P

... this is a fun link for DDR freaks - it describes how to make an arcade-style DDR pad... now if i had the space to put that here, i'd do it...

and speaking of DDR, the fanaticism for that game has definitely died down here... unlike in Japan, where some guy literally blew away any standing records on scores recently. check this Japanese dude out! yowza!

my good friend kidded me about putting up a gossip column - if you're reading this, i'll tell you that i'll consider it only if i had enough dirt to lay down on people. and a private army to keep me safe from harm. heheh. if anyone else has some ideas for my blogging habits, don't hesitate to drop me a line (by clicking on my name just below my post).

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