weather's finally gotten better now, though rain still comes around with quite an intensity every so often.

i found some really nice articles on last Friday's issue of the Philippine Star. a very excerpt from the article (which i have linked from their website) puts the whole thought of the article as simply as it should - "We are victims of indiscipline. We are our own worst enemies. We sabotage our own quality of life as a matter of course.". unfortunately, i can't find a link for the other one, which talks about an actor's ordeal lesson on how he quit smoking - maybe i'll try to ask permission to publish it here - if not, well, go ask me in private and i'll probably mail it to you. =)

my brother is processing something on his login again, so i'm forced to delay whatever recreation i had in mind on this workstation until much later, when he lets me log on, since i wouldn't want to cause any undue hassles with whatever _he's_ doing. pfft. anyway, i've been tardy on my blogs again anyway...

i have got to start losing weight! practically everyone i know has started to notice, and that isn't a good sign at all! my personal deadline: 30 days. and i have 3 "bets" to back that up.

anyway, i got dinner to attend to. later...

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