attended the wedding of my officemate today - really fun... and crowded too. =P

ah, my weekend was really pathetic - i didn't manage to do that reinstallation, but at least now my brother is going to help me with it now... nice! =)

i met someone new over the weekend - makes up for my not being allowed to go to Cebu for the long weekend. she sounds like a nice person, though she claims that she's not exactly an ideally nice person. i'm rather excited to get to know more about her primarily because it's been quite a while since i tried mingling with total strangers... not that i don't like it that way, but it's a rarity these days for me, with the oh-so-dead social life that i maintain. =P add the fact that she seems to be very different, yet strangely familiar to me, as far as who she maintains herself to be is concerned...

i also had a really nice conversation with Paula tonight - she's a really nice person... i hope i get to know her more as the days go by.

hmm... my choirmates (AJ and Moxie) scoffed at me when i told them i wasn't girl-crazy... i wonder if i really AM NOT who i think i am... =\

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