enter a new era of p2p software - BitTorrent.

heheheh... actually i know so little about it, but it claims that the more people downloading from one source, the faster the downloads go for everyone! just check out their website for info on it... =)

the reason why i bumped into it is because a friend of mine pointed out to me that Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free multiplayer-only download, and weighing in at a staggering 260mb, he advised me to try getting it the BitTorrent way.

so far so good. but i have yet to see spectacular download times coming from it. maybe it's just chance... i'll just try downloading a few more items using it and see whether it really is a good bit of p2p software. =)

UPDATE: i've decided to NOT use BitTorrent for now - it turns out Destiny Cable has it hosted on their FTP server. i'm sure it'll be loads faster from there. =)

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