i've done some editing on my blog - i got a commenting service up for it now, so IF only more people were to read my blogs, maybe they'd be able to leave notes and stuff. plus this new interface off Blogger is cool!

we didn't have electricity last night, owing to a busted meter base... not that we minded the power loss. what really ticked us all off was the slow service of Meralco in getting their service people over here to take a look-see. we got back electricity at home past 1p today!... pfft.

i can't wait to get to read the Order of the Phoenix! every p2p network out there must have it around by now, but i wonder when i'll get around to landing my paws on a copy... hopefully soon enough.

my worst night so far has been last Tuesday - imagine, having to sleep at 345a of the following day! that was probably due to the video editing task i had to work on... but i can't shake off the feeling that this someone at work made me lose sleep too - i don't want to go into detail, but i really think that it's rude of her to do whatever she keeps doing to me. as i have said before, and she calls herself a Christian. hmph.

hmm... i can't believe i survived work yesterday with that little sleep. in fact, i can't believe i'm still awake right now...


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