dinner: had a bite of tuna sashimi, and a huge amount of fluid - i average about a liter of water every meal, assuming i have the right tumbler out (i'm using the one that Wendy's used to have on promotion, the one that could hold about 900+ml).

looks like i've been turned into the home masseur - my parents seem to enjoy my massages quite a lot... if i were really good, i'd say that i have no idea how i became that good.

i've been hearing SOOOOOOO much about Meteor Garden for the past few days, so i've decided to do some research, and put up a link or two for them - my sister is considering getting a copy of the series on VCD, and if she does, well, i'll get to watch and comment about it. assuming, of course, that it can actually stay here at home for more than a few days after everyone in our circles find out. this link has episode summaries and stuff, but it's down most of the time. maybe this other link would be much more helpful. and i just found out that there's actually a second series for it already. talk about popularity.

oh, also, speaking of popularity, some people might be interested to know that it's actually banned in China - in all forms legal anyway. =P

and in case some people want to petition for a relocation of the show's timeslot (as aired on ABS-CBN these days), you could try checking out this link - it has 497 online signatures at the time of writing. it could also help to bombard the TV station about inquiries on moving its time schedule or what-not.

*whew* IF i actually chance to watch an episode, i hope i won't turn into the mindless zombie that couch potatoes usually turn into. heheh.

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