i've already seen TWO Microsoft Smartphone-based mobile phones around (and this is just in the office), so for anyone who actually finds themselves here, i've got links for you on a review on the HTC Canary (which is the first version of Smart Telecommunication's "Smart Amazing Phone" - see their press release here), and a phone based on the HTC Tanager (which is the upgraded design of the Microsoft Smartphone that the "Smart Amazing Phone" is based on). i also saw some sites for software downloads for the device, and i'll post some i see next time. this isn't something i'll be shelling out my hard-earned cash on, though. =P

egad, it's 11pm already?? i can't believe it... *sighs* i've got to go rest (again) so that i won't fall asleep midway at work - tomorrow seems like it's gonna be a killer. at least the weekend's just around the corner... =)

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