i've taken to reading e-books off my Clié - whle i haven't started reading them all, these books may be interesting.
- "The Action Principles" - can supposedly "bring peace and prosperity into your life." who knows?
- "The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms - a classic Chinese novel. taken from the website, "[w]ritten 600 years ago, it tells the epic of Han Dynasty in China during the 2nd and 3rd century."

okay, i don't have _that_ many right now, but i do intend to keep reading books as long as i could find time to. =)

i've also taken to playing old games - check this site out.

my choir had a really nice bowling game today - my group won! (i forgot the scores, but i'll put it in someday.) and then i also played a little billiards too - i can really say that, playing Virtual Pool 3 on my PC really made a difference with my actual billiards playing experience. maybe i should look for my copy and play with it again on my PC...

darn, i still don't have an article for the choir's newsletter... better come up with one real soon.

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