adventures with the Clié - day 3

with some coaching from my brother, we now know where the OS (or Big ROM, in technical terms) is in the device - it's at 0x10010000, just in case you're like us who has a Clié NR70 for reflashing, as we really couldn't find this info anywhere.

i honestly thought that it was a done deal once we had that address. well, apparently not. according to information we got off this site, we'll have to perform the flashing on a per sector basis. and since we're talking about some 8MB of flash ROM currently occupied, we're in for a lot of work. still, i do presume that once this tedious task is finally done, we'll have this device up and running again.

word to the wise: never try to reflash your device using a ROM image intended for another device. i believe this device was flashed by its previous owner with an NR70V ROM image - he believed that there shouldn't be any problem flashing this into the device. i guess he was wrong, but who knows? until i can get this thing up and running, i can't really say if he made a mistake in the first place. for all we know, the darn thing's busted. for good. in which case i have a wonderful paperweight for my use. i'm very hopeful that it isn't the case...

right now we've dumped the ROM currently residing in the device, and we're trying to figure out how much needs to be changed in memory - i have a feeling it wouldn't, but i'm sort of doubtful. let's hope for the best...

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