after being away from posts for the past few days, i have finally finished reflashing my Clié. and it still doesn't work! the entire silkscreen still refuses to accept any input.

so i have decided to go and reflash it back to Japanese. i have been very disappointed, but not unfazed, by this.

of course, my disappointments would have stopped there had this computer store understood what i was asking from them from the start.

it all started with my fascination to purchase a Creative SurroundStation for my speaker setup. i had asked from one of their Makati branches about how much it would cost, and they told me that it was going for P2.5k. i was excited at the thought - it would be rather cheap for the purpose... and then when i decided to try to actually get it from another branch, they mistook my query for some other product. the reason? they didn't understand my query for the SurroundStation, and assumed it for speaker stands. and it'll cost me P5.8k.

pfft. now i'm thinking of just getting it online.

as for the Clié - i think there's still hope for it.

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