new toys seem to be coming into our hands these days - first my brother's DVD writer, then my new PDA, and now, my sister got an ECS Desknote A907 notebook today - i'm actually composing my blog on it right now running a bootable CD of Slackware Linux. we'll be setting it up for M$ software as soon as my brother finishes flashing the Clié.

speaking of which, we're still working on it owing to a boo-boo i did last night - my brother wanted to teach me to do the flashing myself, but i goofed it up, so i just had him do it again, to be on the safe side. things are looking good, but it's still a long way to go to finish this flashing - we do plan to finish it by the end of the day though, so in due time we'll get it up and running. i hope. of course my brother wants to take the unit as his own after all this is done, which, of course, i won't agree to. finders keepers.

my dad also got an old Phillips Savvy mobile phone fixed, and i'm now using that to keep my Smart SIM active. the only complaint i have with it is that its keypad can be a little stiff, and the UI really needs some getting used to.

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