i've been away so long, i can't even remember when i last posted...

anyway, i've finally got that darned PDA working - only in Japanese, but it's liveable.

what has happened for the past few days to me?

well, last Monday (if i'm not mistaken), i unknowingly brought down a particular service in the company, crippling operations for everyone for at least 5 hours. and honestly, i feel really stupid having done that. but mistakes are there for learning. so i fall, and i pick myself up, and learn from the mistake.. i sure hope i don't commit any more of those mistakes.

things i'm looking forward to this Holy Week:
- sleep!
- reinstallation of my video editing OS / partition
- installation of Clié apps, and preparation of large databases / apps for installation into a Memory Stick (once i get around to getting one)
- finishing my MIDI transcriptions for choir use
- more sleep!

this should do for now...

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