there are many firsts in my life that i will remember for the rest of my life... like last night, when my car overheated. my car looked like it was a rice cooker just waiting to blow its cap off!

thankfully i managed to roll the car to my dad's office after coaxing it to inch its way from Makati all the way to Pasig, having to stop a few times on the curb on the way. at least my dad's there to help me - he'll be taking the car to the car shop near his office later.

the damage report? a broken auxilliary fan and a busted radiator - had to have them replaced completely. i also mentioned to my dad that i wanted my shock absorbers replaced too, since they've been causing me all the alignment problems i've been having with the car. hopefully they'll be done by the end of the day. and hopefully they won't cost me an arm and a limb.

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