on top blogs and podcasts

i've now added Jay's Artichoke Adobo, in the hopes that my readers would be kind enough to visit it and vote for it on the Pinoy Top Blogs. hmm... maybe i should take that route too... maybe it will help generate more hits for me (of which i'm averaging ~5 a day).

also, i've been listening to some podcasts from Live from USA.Philippines, hosted by Kid Flash X (of rickey.org) and ManongGuard (again, of Artichoke Adobo). it's interesting to note that they (according to Jay) used to have this small-time radio show back in UP Diliman called "Live in the Bahamas" (correct me if i'm wrong). and it's really fun to hear them get all worked up on video games, politics, Care Bears, and even tea (recently)! and i agree with one of their statements in their most recent podcast, talking about niche targeting. even my blog is a bit niche-y (to a higher degree of nichness at times i suppose). i hope everyone here takes a cue and listens in to their shows some time.

well, one thing's for sure though, it sure made walking to work so much more insane today as i grinned every few minutes while listening to them.

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