almost caught!

last night as i fetched my sister from her gimik, thinking that i wasn't doing anything wrong, i decided to take a U-turn on a red light somewhere within the Makati area at around 11pm.

boy was i wrong.

i was flagged down by a pair of cops immediately. and since i saw a motorcycle with them, i figured it would be pointless for me to attempt to elude them. so i pulled over, and after failing to negotiate not having to get my license, went through some 20-30 minutes trying to convince the guys not to issue me a ticket for not following the road signs. i was really pushing my luck on that, since i was wearing my standard fare pambahay attire of shirt, shorts and slippers, i figured that they could probably hold me in violation of not being in proper attire (the slippers, FYI, are supposed to be illegal for drivers). i went on about having taken that route before, about it being late already, about it being my first offense, about how i had to drive all the way back to Marikina. i was almost at my knees begging!

and thankfully, the cops let me off. whew! a big THANK YOU to those cops...

on another note, i'm about to embark on another change for my blog. i think i'm beginning to outgrow my current setup. i need categorization for my blogs... i'll work on it over the next few days, or whenever time permits it.

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