today's activities

now that i've recovered from the initial elation i felt after getting Gmail, i guess i ought to talk about what else happened today. =)

we had a poster-making activity today with my choir this morning, with a common tailline: "WARNING: PSALMI - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE" styled just like those "parental advisory: explicit lyrics" symbols you see on CDs. i'd post an image of a sample poster, but i don't have Picasa installed yet.

and then i slept my afternoon away in an air-conditioned room (heheh), waking up at around 430p. then i helped out fix the birdcage my parents got last week, getting a few scrapes in the process - but that's okay.

then after dinner, my parents were going to the mall to have my sister's glasses fixed - and decided that i should have mine fixed too (actually, more of a replacement). and then all of a sudden my dad decided to get his fixed as well. fun - we must have incurred a 10k bill for that visit alone. ah well - my mom has a point when she said that corrective eyewear has an extremely gray pricing scheme, meaning that there isn't any real way to tell if you're purchases are actually cheap or not. it didn't matter much for us though - the owner happens to be my dad's classmate and my godmother. =) (shall we say, automatic discounts? *grins*)

anyway, that's what happened to my day so far. =)

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