what should i get first - a miniDV video camera, a hardware capture card (like a Pinnacle Pro-One), or a new workstation?

really tempted to get a video cam now tho...

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Ton said...

1. Don't try to compromise by buying something that you can use for both video and pictures. Sad reality is that you can get the best quality for both. You really have to have a specific use for the product.

2. Do you have the hardware to complement this the Pinnacle Pro-One?

3. New workstation na lang... haha

Whatever...anyway, did you have problems with i.ph? i can do it for you if you want. we're going to install a new platform that won't require you to do anything at all. it's easier but it's in a week's time but i need bloggers now..!! haha...or you can even import your blog to our site.