bad haircut day

this day will go down in history as the day i decided to change barbers, and got extremely disappointed.

okay, not that i'm that disappointed, to be honest, but compared to the P100 (P80 + P20 tip) i pay for a haircut that lasts a month, this P80 cut i had just a few minutes ago must be one that'll last me for only about 2 weeks.

ah well... i can't really blame my sister for this, though i'm really _really_ tempted to do so since she was the one who got me convinced to try. i could have talked to the cutter to cut it a different way, but i didn't.

let's just hope that things get better as the days and weeks pass by.


Ton said...

syempre kilala kita you nitwit..hehe..blog away..wala ka man lang links or even a tag board...kaasar yung blog mo..hehe...visit me naman, all of my sites..hehe

Ton said...

dude, nagstart ka na ba sa iph? email mo sa akin yung url nung ginawa mong blog ok sa i can check..thanks