stormy weather musings

the weather has steadily gone from bad to worse here, with gusting winds of high velocities (around 160kph think) and the occasional downpour of rain. with floods and landslides everywhere, plants uprooted and billboards collapsed, and thousands of common folk troubled in its wake, sooner or later, it's bound to affect even the most secluded and privileged people.

the President must have consulted a crystal ball, and saw the impending condition that prevails over us now, thus deciding to move her inauguration a couple of islands south. it's a good move, and one that would allow her to bask in all her glory.

i think that her inauguration, and in turn, the electoral proceedings that put her in her position now, must be just like this one big windy storm for her, with all the allegations of fraud, and destabilisation plots like attempted bombings and road spikings. i'm not inclined to take sides (though i did vote for her), but i am aware that, like all storms, they will come, they will go, but in its wake, things will definitely remain to haunt her.

two important values: trust and confidence - she may have already been lost from lots of people already.

i suppose she has made like a storm chaser (just like in the movie Twister) these past few months, avoiding the path of impending doom, but despite her cunning in avoiding the path of doom, she had better be ready to face all the damage it has introduced to her term.

if storms were still named after women, this one should have been called Gloria.

good luck, Ms. President.

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