lessons learned from rolling maki

after rolling my own maki (with my own choice of ingredients), and having it taste-tested to my very critical panel, comprising my siblings, i have learned the following lessons:
- ham, cheese, sweetened egg omelette and cucumber do not make a good maki roll, according to my panel, of course... in my case, i kinda liked the taste...
- clamp, then press. my rolls looked like big letter D's.
- make sure to calculate the proportion of rice against the ingredients, and vice versa. i ended up using a mix of sushi rice and plain rice for my last roll. heheh.
- more practice! =)

now what the heck am i going to do with the other two rolls in the ref (which equates to 16 rolls)? i guess i know what i'll be having for the next few days... =P

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