now that i've dealt with everything that kept me busy for the past few days, i'm back with a few posts...

i'm going to compile a basic list of video camera tips (for the video editor) sometime - but at the very least, i will must surely mention that the camera person should have a pair of ear/headphones and a microphone handy. the microphone is a more obvious addition, but headphones? well, using headphones will allow the camera person to assess the sound the camera is picking up (via its omnidirectional mic or a microphone he'd have), thus allowing for clearer speeches and less noisy videos.

i also remembered taking a shot of the sun the other day via my T610, and remembered a tip that i read from a digicam forum sometime ago. it mentioned that to reduce glare from very bright sources (thus creating weird exposed pictures or fringing artifacts), a simple pair of shades may be used. i'll post two images later that will differentiate a shot of the sky with and without the "filter".

anything else in mind right now... nope, maybe later or tomorrow.

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