shopping spree!

my family and i went shopping today, and here's what i got to bring home:
- a trench coat (for P700)! heheh. i honestly don't know when it would be good to use this, but whatever the case i have one now. maybe i'll bring it to the office for our cold room experiences... =)
- a bottle of Lacoste pour Homme and a small tube of Lacoste Facial Wash (of the same scent) for P2.7k... cool! just the scent i want!

that's about it... that's already around P4k as it is! i also treated my family to lunch at Sake-san in SM Megamall...

hmm... one thing i noticed about them is that they charged us for the moist paper towels that they gave us at P3 each! that's paltry, but i can't believe they'd charge us for something without informing us ahead! maybe i should rat on them with DTI... =\

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