task list:
- rip and burn audio CDs for office mates
- bring CDs of Diablo II + Lord of Destruction
- plan content for www.crosswinds.net/~glasstower

this morning an office mate of mine opened up with me her two main problems at work - both involve a possible chargeback, one involving a huge amount of money on her for "negligence". it was more out of a presumption from a past experience rather than negligence that she found herself in that predicament, and she told me that it seems that she will get off the hook for this one. it had better been the case, otherwise i would have reacted very negatively to it.

i feel like i'm getting shot from all around - a change i've made for a critical application has just gone terribly wrong. i simply reused a function module i had used before, but apparently it refused to behave the way i had expected it to. this would be perfectly acceptable for a first time, but with the recent string of programming issues i've been having, i'm beginning to think that confidence on my activities is rapidly eroding away. all this for someone who still has 2+ years of a contract to work off. this is going to be so much fun...

i also got to talk with my ex-girlfriend last night, and so far, things are okay - hopefully we'll get to talk much more in the days to come.

i finally had a good opportunity to talk with a good friend of mine at work - it really feels wonderful connecting and relating with her again. today she made me realize that yesterday's homily - that the intention of what is done is more important than what is actually done - pretty much applies to everything in life, regardless of how people respond to it.

i will always remember that thought.

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